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Michelin Leads the Way Towards 2020

Michelin has a long history of attention to and support of the environment.  On the product side, Michelin invented the radial tire in 1946, which led a revolution in the tire industry, resulting in longer-lasting and safer products.  In 1992, Michelin introduced the "green tire," which reduces rolling resistance — and thus increases miles per gallon —while improving safety and longevity.  By 2020, Michelin intends for its tires to reduce fuel consumption by 3 billion liters and to prevent 8 million tons of carbon emissions.

Trudeau Visit Should Spur U.S. Action to Combat Climate Change

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Obama meeting Thursday in the Oval Office and reportedly signing a continental environment and climate-change strategy, the United States should embark on a debate about how to fully meet its Paris pledge, the Partnership for Responsible Growth (PRG) said today.