Our Mission

The Partnership for Responsible Growth (PRG) was founded in 2015 to help develop and build broad bipartisan support for a national climate program that addresses the serious risks climate change poses to the economic and environmental well-being of our country. Any climate program strong enough to decarbonize our economy by 2050 must have a price on carbon at its core, though it will also need to include a suite of other measures to reduce greenhouse gases particularly from transportation, agriculture, and buildings. And it must be equitable, promote economic growth, and be durable in the face of inevitable shifts in political winds.

 The best science tells us that time is short. Our nation is already struggling to deal with the challenges posed by climate change, and Americans are increasingly eager for their national leaders to act. But public discussion remains polarized and relatively uninformed about the impacts of various policy options. In a political climate in which a sober and knowledgeable exploration of difficult policy choices or any attempt to build support for a consensus approach appears extraordinarily difficult, PRG is striving to be an honest broker. We organize and promote thorough and thoughtful discussion among a broad range of stakeholders about (1) the details of an effective and comprehensive national climate program, (2) what it will take to build broad public support, and (3) how to ensure fair treatment for those most affected.