New York Times: Carbon Pricing & Climate Change

By Walt Minnick

Not only are states, provinces and countries putting a price on carbon, but so are many companies. More than 430 major companies — including General Motors, Stanley Black & Decker and Colgate-Palmolive — are now using an internal price on carbon for internal planning and to make investment decisions, according to C.D.P. (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project). More than a thousand companies worldwide, including most major hydrocarbon companies, are doing this or have pledged to do so within two years.

Voters are Ready to Depoliticize the Climate Debate

American voters are eager to “depoliticize” climate change and clean energy, says Kristen Soltis Anderson, one of three leading Republican pollsters who conducted a survey released September 28.

“At the moment some of the louder voices in the party are dominating this debate,” she told The New York Times. “But as we move out of the entertainment phase of the (presidential) campaign and look at more of the policy platforms, there’s a way for Republicans to talk about this that depoliticizes climate.”