Sacramento Bee: Business leaders prefer a carbon fee on climate change

Yes, we should be excited that leaders from 193 nations put their heads and hearts together in Paris. They made important progress in staving off the worsening damage threatened by climate change. As a former ambassador, I relish such cooperation.

The Spokesman Review: Carbon tax would achieve Clean Power Act goals

“Too little, too late!” That’s what the world’s leading scientists say about the upcoming global climate conference in Paris. Even if President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is not repealed by Congress or upended by the courts, the United States will fall far short of the greenhouse gas reductions the president intends to pledge as our contribution. 

The Hill: Acting Faster on Climate

By Bill Eacho

“We’re not acting fast enough.” President Obama said four times in a 24-minute speech recently in Alaska urging the world do more to combat climate change.

Scientists agree. While the president has done everything he can using the limited executive branch tools at his disposal, we will fall far short of achieving his goal of reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent by 2025.