Our research on carbon pricing support and opposition.


Carbon Pricing Myths

This 5-part series debunking carbon pricing misconceptions


Support and information on an infrastructure bill with a carbon price. The next large administrative push will be for an infrastructure bill, and it will need a pay-for. An ideal source of revenue that will also incentivize innovation in the infrastructure sector will be a federal price on carbon.

Climate Change

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Business Support for a Price on Carbon

Research on why many business leaders champion a federal price on carbon, and how almost 1400 have implemented an internal carbon price or will implement one within the next two years.

Prominent Leaders' Support for Carbon Pricing


Organizations Working on Climate

On the climate side of our issues, there are a lot of other organizations operating in the same space. This list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good place to see many of the other groups  working in this arena.

Economists Positions on Pricing Carbon

A number of prominent economists have commented both positively or negatively on pricing carbon over the years. This spreadsheet gives an overview of many of their positions. We will be updating this database periodically.

Wall Street Journal

A Climate Nexus analysis of 20 years of the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages on climate shows a consistent pattern that overwhelmingly ignores the science, champions doubt and denial of both the science and effectiveness of action, and leaves readers misinformed about the consensus of science and of the risks of the threat. This is a database of 602 editorials, columns and op-eds about climate change/global warming appearing in the Wall Street Journal's opinion section since 1995.