Database: How the wall street journal opinion section presents climate change


A Climate Nexus analysis of 20 years of the Wall Street Journal’s opinion pages on climate shows a consistent pattern that overwhelmingly ignores the science, champions doubt and denial of both the science and effectiveness of action, and leaves readers misinformed about the consensus of science and of the risks of the threat.

This is a database of 602 editorials, columns and op-eds about climate change/global warming appearing in the Wall Street Journal's opinion section since 1995. Though perhaps not comprehensive, it is certainly thorough, at least back to 1997, which is as far back as material is online at

Pieces were judged based on whether or not the represented mainstream science, or advocated for some sort of action on climate. Some op-eds or columns were dismissive of climate science but promoted some sort of climate policy, and were counted along with the science-reflecting pieces.

Byline is the identifying information provided by the Wall Street Journal.

Content which mentioned climate change or global warming in passing or as a small portion of a larger argument were not included, unless the discussion was of significant length (more than a single paragraph.)

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