FT analysis indicates US may miss emissions goals according to study

Barney Jopson of the Financial Times writes that a study from the World Resource Institute (WRI) shows that the U.S. will need to take more aggressive action if we are going to meet President Obama’s pledge for the Paris Climate negotiations and cut greenhouse gas emissions 26-28 percent from 2005 levels by 2025. WRI calls the Obama Administration’s current action to cut carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector and motor vehicles, a “valuable start,” but continues by saying, “(the U.S.) will need to strengthen measures already taken or proposed and take action in areas that have not yet been addressed”.

The WRI proposes three different potential policies that can further cut emissions and offers tougher rules to phase out coal-fired power plants. These rules include new standards to cut emissions from manufacturing, construction, and mining, limits on aircraft emissions, in addition to measures that would further reduce demand for ground travel.

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The link to the WRI Executive Summary can be found here.