At Paris Conference, Former Ambassador Eacho to Focus on a Pro-Growth, Market Based Solution to the Climate Challenge

Washington, DC -- With Alberta now moving toward a carbon tax, former U.S. Ambassador to Austria William Eacho will seek to build on the carbon-pricing momentum while at the Paris Climate Conference from December 4 to 10.

“A carbon fee is the simplest, most-efficient way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Eacho, a long-time business executive. “As I meet with a range of leaders in Paris, I will be making that case.” He will also be tweeting regularly from @AmbEacho.

After a long career in business and four years in Vienna, Eacho co-founded the Partnership for Responsible Growth. The organization is committed to the enactment of a revenue-neutral carbon fee with half the proceeds going toward reducing the corporate tax rate—the highest in the industrialized world—from 35 to 25 percent. The balance of the proceeds could go to low- and middle-income citizens to cover slightly higher energy costs.

“As ambassador, I found myself defending U.S. climate policy, which led me to a detailed investigation of the UN negotiation process,” said Eacho. “Instead of focusing on non-binding emission caps, it’s time to pivot to establishing a global price on carbon.”

The Partnership for Responsible Growth has met with 175 Senators and House members, or their aides, to discuss the organization’s concept. “We found widespread openness to the idea, provided these lawmakers heard from the business community and other important constituencies that it made sense,” said Eacho. PRG is starting to build business support.

Eacho will be available to speak to the media while in Paris. In addition to speaking on the importance of carbon pricing, he can provide a unique perspective on the intersection of business, diplomacy, and politics during the negotiations.

Eacho’s Partnership for Responsible Growth co-founders are George T. Frampton, Jr., CEQ chairman under President Clinton, and former Idaho Congressman Walt Minnick.