Thomas Stephenson

Partner of Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley venture capital firm
Former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal

A More Balanced Approach to Climate Change Policy

Our country urgently needs a more balanced approach to the global warming
and climate change issue. On its own, it is a major policy problem, and it has also
come to dominate discussions over our country’s broader energy strategy.

Jerry Taylor

President of the Niskanen Center
Former Vice President at the Cato Institute

Debating a Carbon Tax

Last week, Robert Murphy, senior economist at the conservative Institute for Energy Research, penned a rebuttal to my study making the conservative case for a carbon tax.  The arguments forwarded by Murphy are frequently offered by conservative energy policy insiders when carbon taxes come up, so they are worth considering carefully.

Gregory Mankiw

Economics Professor, Harvard University
Former Chairman of Council of Economic Advisers from 2003-2005

The Key Role of Conservatives in Taxing Carbon

This summer, a friend sent me a remarkable headline from The Seattle Times: “ ‘Green’ Alliance Opposes Petition to Tax Carbon.”

My initial thought was that this doesn’t make sense. It is like reading “Democrats Rally to Cut the Minimum Wage” or “Republicans Unite to Hike Income Taxes.”

Irwin Stelzer

Senior Fellow & Director of Hudson Institute's Economic Policy Studies Group
Former Resident Scholar & Director of Regulatory Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute

Even climate skeptics should support a carbon tax

The ice is finally melting. Not the Arctic ice, although that might be melting too. I mean the frozen position critics of the global warming hysterics have been taking. They disagree with Obama’s contention that the science of climate change is settled, and prefer reading actual temperatures recorded on thermometers to print-outs of assumption-ridden models.

Major European Oil and Gas Companies

Helge Lund (BG Group plc), Bob Dudley (BP plc), Claudio Descalzi (Eni S.p.A.), Ben van Beurden (Royal Dutch Shell plc), Eldar Saetre (Statoil ASA) & Patrick Polyanné

Major European oil and gas companies call for action on climate change

Six of the biggest European oil companies have taken an historic stance on climate change, encouraging governments to adopt a carbon pricing approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and inviting them to engage in an immediate policy dialogue to do so.