How to Make Money Saving The World.  

We need to break the partisan gridlock over climate change and agree on a solution.  

How? By uniting conservatives and liberals behind a solution that mobilizes the power of the market -- a price on carbon. Virtually all economists agree this is the fastest and cheapest solution.

Carbon fees work. British Columbia’s has reduced fossil fuel consumption by 9%, while its GDP has outperformed the rest of Canada.[1] Alberta, the “Texas” of Canada, has adopted a carbon fee, supported by both the oil industry and environmentalists.[2] Fourteen other countries have too.[3] China is also experimenting with carbon pricing.

A carbon fee starting at $35 a ton would generate more than $150 billion per year.[4] The money could be used to reduce taxes, compensate families for higher energy costs, and address other pro-growth priorities like fixing our crumbling roads and bridges. 

Recently, more than 400 institutional investors representing over $24 trillion in assets – one-third of global GDP -- called for “stable, reliable and economically-meaningful carbon pricing that helps redirect investment commensurate with the scale of the climate change challenge.”[5] So have the CEOs of most major oil companies, the heads of the IMF, World Bank, and Bank of England, and the leaders of our neighbors Canada and Mexico.

Here’s the “grand bargain” – let’s jump start clean energy, make our companies more globally competitive, create millions of new jobs, fund critically needed infrastructure, and advance our climate effort at far less cost than imposing more government regulation. 

As George H.W. Bush said of climate, “To say that this issue has sides, is about as productive as saying the earth is flat.”[6] If we face facts and put ideology aside, we can defeat climate change and keep our country free, safe and prosperous. Give our children a future. Join us at

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