House Vote is Sign of Hope for Bipartisanship

Take a moment to digest - and applaud - a sign of bipartisan support for dealing with climate change. Last week (July 13) 46 House Republicans voted to reject a measure that would have deleted from the annual defense authorization bill a requirement that the Department of Defense study its vulnerability to climate change. With that Republican support, the amendment was defeated, 234-185

Statement from Co-Founders on Paris Agreement Withdrawal

The president’s ill-conceived decision strengthens the resolve of the Partnership for Responsible Growth and others committed to adoption of a carbon fee. We will continue to make our case on Capitol Hill and within the business community. As Americans deal with rising coastal waters, droughts, superstorms, forest fires, insect-borne viruses, and other climate-related threats and as they see other economies around the world adapting, they will want their elected leaders to move forward rather than fall behind.